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The Imperial State Crown was slightly rebuilt or altered for King Edward VII as well as for the coronation of King George VI in 1937 and Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Queen Victoria did not like the Imperial State Crown; she found it too big and too heavy.

When she resumed public functions in 1870, some 9 years after the death of her beloved Prince Albert, she commissioned a very small diamond crown to wear on top of her widow’s veil.

There are about 1,300 diamonds on the crown, taken from her own jewellery; she found diamonds acceptable during the period of mourning, unlike colored stones.

She wore the Small Diamond Crown whenever she could in preference to the Imperial State Crown until the end of her reign. Edward’s Crown is the crown supposed to be heraldically represented over the Royal Arms and on other insignia as a State or official symbol.

Two gold arches rise from the tops of the crosses and intersect with each other. Queen Victoria’s version of this crown is a magnificent piece of jewellery made for her coronation in 1838; it is modern in design but set with ancient and famous gems, in particular the ruby and the sapphires.

At the intersection is a ball (in heraldry called a “mound”) of gold topped by another cross patée. Above the open-work silver rim of the crown are four silver crosses-patées that alternate with four ornamental fleurs-de-lis; from opposite crosses rise arches of silver worked into a design of oak leaves and acorn cups; from their intersection springs a mound with a cross-patée above it.

On 19 August, 86th (HAC) Rgt took its turn, manning AA gun sites in the London Inner Artillery Zone (IAZ), with 273 Bty at the Burnt Farm and Asylum sites at Finsbury Park, 274 Bty at Hyde Park and Southwark Park, and 275 Bty at Bostall Heath, Brockley and Hayes, Kent.

The regiment was thus fully deployed when AA Command was fully mobilised on 24 August, ahead of the declaration of war on 3 September.

It was formally raised on 1 April 1939 at the HAC's Headquarters at Armoury House, Finsbury.

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Since the Royal New Zealand Artillery is allied to the Royal Artillery, our mottoes are the same, but on the badge's lower scroll, 'Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt' has been replaced by 'Royal NZ Artillery' to distinguish New Zealand Gunners from other Commonwealth Artillerymen.

The gun on the badge is meant to represent the bronze (often wrongly called brass) SBML 9-pr field gun of the type employed at Waterloo.