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The following figure shows these libraries added in the Solution Explorer.

The sample application created by the default SPA project template deals with "To Do" items, i.e. A task is represented by a data model class - Todo Item.

Now that I fixed that problem, I'm getting another error: "System.

Close Conn() Order | Account_Number | Account_Name | Line_Number | Model 10000 | 10000000000001 | Blah A | 00000000034 | MD35Z 20000 | 10000000000002 | Blah B | 00000027735 | A511L 30000 | 10000000000003 | Blah C | 00000000910 | M232C I tried adding a Data Relation before and kept getting an error, but I wasn't setting something up properly.

SPA extensively uses two Java Script libraries, namely Knockout and Upshot. Tables(0) ' [PLACEHOLDER] End Sub Dim dr Copy as Data Row Dim tbl as Data Table = a Data Set. New Row() dr Copy.item(0)="a" dr Copy.item(1)="b" dr Copy.item(2)="c" dr Copy.item(3)="d" dr Copy.item(4)="e" tbl. NET conversion task you can transform by one spreadsheet in Excel file only.Unfortunately, I failed to detect the fact that the records in datatable2 aren't unique, which obviously doesn't jive well with performing an "inner join" on the two tables for the result I was wanting. Open Conn() Dim dt A As Data Table = New Data Table("Data Table1") Dim dt B As Data Table = New Data Table("Data Table2") Dim dt Combined As Data Table = New Data Table("Combined Data Table") dt A. Merge(dt B, True) 'I tried creating a Data Set and setting a Relation, but that kept failing 'I've tried at least 10 different things here. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.